Velocity Dually 29: Long Term Review of a Bombproof Rim

Velocity Dually 29

Velocity Dually 29








        • Double wall for increased durability
        • Bombproof construction
        • Tubeless ready bead shelf


        • Fairly heavy compared to carbon options

        There are not a large number of options for a 29+ rim. For a time, the Rabbit Hole, by Surly was one of the only options. Then Velocity, which features rims handmade in the US, released the Velocity Dually, a 29er rim with an external width of 45mm, and an internal width of 39mm. It features double wall construction and boasts a tubeless compatible bead shelf, all in a decently light, affordable package. What's not to love? So, do the Dually rims stand up over time? In a word, yes.


        Velocity Dually: A Durable Workhorse

        I was looking to build a set of wheels for my Surly Krampus, a bike that would split time between a bikepacking bike and a single speed mountain bike. I wanted something that was going to build into a strong wheel, while also allowing me to run a tubeless setup without too much trouble. The Dually fit the bill on both counts. The double wall construction gives it extra strength and durability, while also offering a stiffer wheel for better power transfer. Another big advantage of the Dually over some of the wider options, particularly in a bikepacking sense, is that the slightly narrower rim profile allows you to run a narrower tire. This is a huge advantage, as it is nearly impossible to find a 3" wide tire in a retail store, especially outside of the US. In case of an emergency, a standard 2" 29er tire will work without issue on the Dually, whereas I would be hesitant to run anything narrower than a 2.4" on the 50mm Rabbit Hole, or 52mm Hugo.

        Velocity Dually
        Dinged up Dually

        I went with the 32 hole Dually, laced to a set of Hope Pro 2's. I also built a front wheel laced to a Shutter Precision SP-PD 8X for bikepacking, allowing me to run lights, and power my GPS and other devices. The wheels all built up very easily, without any issue.

        Velocity Dually
        Dually's in action

        Velocity Dually's in Action

        I have no complaints about the Dually's at all. I was able to set them up tubeless (with Surly Dirt Wizards) with a floor pump with one strip of Gorilla Tape. There is no noticeable flex in the wheels, even under heavy load. I am not a particularly heavy rider, but I am abusive on my equipment. I've managed to utterly destroy two rear wheels, but the Dually's have held up extremely well.

        I used the Dually's on the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail, as well as other, smaller bikepacking excursions. The trail on the VMBT is extremely rough. Long, extended rock gardens are the norm, and the Dually's handled it with ease. I was never worried about the wheels coming out of true or breaking a spoke. More times than I cared to admit, I felt the rim bottom out on a rock (leading to many, many flats), but they were no worse for the wear. The rims are pocked with dings and scratches, but they finished the ride as straight and true as they started, which is honestly incredible. I was carrying myself, and probably 30-40 pounds worth of gear for much of the ride, and did not work very hard to avoid obstacles. If the rims can handle this level of abuse, I would have no qualms using them on a daily rider as well as a longer tour in more remote parts of the world.

        If I had to say one negative thing about the rims, they are not the lightest rim out there, but they are not designed to be. Compared to other options, carbon Derby rims for example, or even the slightly narrower Blunt from Velocity, they are quite a bit heavier. The rims are still lighter than the Rabbit Hole, despite being double walled, compared with the Rabbit Hole's single wall construction with cutouts. For my application, weight was a secondary concern, after durability. And the rims delivered in a big way on that primary concern.


        Final Verdict

        If you're looking for a solidly built, 29+ rim that offers supreme durability, either for heavier riders or bikepacking, this rim delivers in a big way. If weight is your primary concern, you may want to look elsewhere.

        UPDATE 1/17

        I rode these wheels on a 5,000+ mile loaded tour, featuring plenty of rough roads and some singletrack. The rear wheel needed only a slight true after the tour, the front was fine. That is incredible, and a true testament to the quality of these rims. They are seriously durable.

        The kind of absurd load I put on the rear wheel.
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        1. Jon says: Reply

          Ron, I am setting up some 26″ Dually’s with Dirt Wizards. I have a strip of Gorilla tape in place of rim tape. I am getting some leakage along the rim edge. Did you also lay a strip along the rim bead? Curious about how you taped the rim. Thanks.

          1. Big Ron says: Reply

            Hi John,

            Sorry for the slow response, I’ve been off the grid for a bit. Velocity says use one layer of rim tape, edge to edge, for tubeless ready tires and two for non tubeless ready. I know the Dirt Wizards used to be non tubeless ready, and I had a lot of issues with the 29er version of them, so I would try using two layers of Gorilla Tape edge to edge. If you continue to pump the tire up, it should eventually seal. Hope that helps!

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