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  • Mechanic Owned, Meticulously Maintained

    What we have here is a mechanic owned bicycle, that has been meticulously maintained during it’s entire life, washed and cleaned after every year of use (maybe). It has a number of unique innovations and features that you won’t find anywhere else, on any other bike. These innovations give the bike a certain je ne […]

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  • Virginia Mountain Bike Trail Day 10: Livermush?

    Don’t miss Day 9, it’s been called “funnier than the race review“. Check out all VMBT related posts here. ******************************************************************************************************* Breakfast had been promised the previous evening, and based on dinner, I wasn’t going to miss out. I put on my loaner Croc, and made some coffee. I was feeling the effort of the last […]

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  • VMBT Day 7: Into the Darkness in Catawba

    Don’t miss the legend, New York, and check out all Virginia Mountain Bike Trail posts here! ****************************************************************************************** Groaning, I forced my body out of bed. My brain remained tucked away under the covers, groggy, tired, and unenthusiastic. I slowly loosened stiffened joints, bent aching muscles, and shuffled zombie like towards the kitchen. Coffee, box of […]

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  • Virginia Mountain Bike Trail Part 5: Bonk City in Douthat

    Don’t miss Part 4, and find all Virginia Mountain Bike Trail related posts here! ****************************************************************************** (Note: It has come to my attention that folks may not know what “bonking” is. Think of it as “hitting the wall” as they say in marathon running. Essentially, your body runs out of calories during exercise, and you get […]

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  • Virginia Mountain Bike Trail Day 4: Lost Trails and Alpaca Jesus

    Check out Day 3 of the trip, and all posts about the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail here! ************************************************************************************ My world had shrunk while traveling by bike. My priorities were animalistic and incredibly simple: 1). Get enough food. It sounds so easy, especially with the the proliferation of processed, calorie dense foods available at every convenience […]