About Ron

Amateur adventurer, professional dreamer.

You might say I inherited the dreamer gene. My dad, Little Markie, has always labeled himself as an “idea guy”. Unfortunately, the power and energy of his dreaming has made his scalp akin to the surface of Mars, a very inhospitable place for hair to grow. Luckily, my scalp has adapted, leaving me with a luscious mane.  I spent the entirety of my childhood in the woods, on and off bikes. I got my Eagle Scout, and thought I was done with camping and outdoors for good, I went to college and lost interest. My older brother got me into rock climbing, and invited me on a spring break climbing trip my freshman year of college, his senior. It was incredible, and set my life on an irreversible course. I remembered how fantastic camping and the outdoors were.

He called me a week after our trip and said he was doing the AT, would I like to come along?

“Pshaw, yea right.” I scoffed. But after we hung up, I Asked Jeeves what the AT was like, and I liked what I saw. I wasn’t content with college, I felt bored and lost. The AT would be the stereotypical place to “find myself”! All that was left was convincing the parental units this was a good idea. It was a surprisingly easy sell.

Big Ron was my trail name from the Appalachian Trail, which my brother, Beebo Fox, and I did in 2006. I started as Wasp’s Nipples (great name), which got shortened to Nipples (meh), to “Nips” (unacceptable). After being called Nips in public places (it wasn’t so bad in the woods), I decided to go with something…a little tougher. So Big Ron was born. Big Ron was tougher, cooler, and way more bad ass than “Nips”. Nips complained, walked slow, and was generally a wimp. Big Ron started a hiker gang, The Bare Maphia, consisting of Beebo, Gold Bond, and Kingfish, a crew that no one wanted to mess with. Big Ron initiated a gang war with the unfortunately named Bear Mafia, and intimated them with drawings of the Bare Maphia, complete with our 96 pack abs, massive “beerds” and scarily huge “kavs”.

The start of the obsession.

That trip turned out be life changing. It was without a doubt, the best decision I ever made. From there, I got into triathlon, did a cross country bicycle tour, raced an Iron Distance triathlon in 40 degree rain, and fell back in love with mountain biking. Even within a group of friends where a 100 mile ride is commonplace and raises no eyebrows, I am the crazy one. I push myself hard, dream big, and embrace Type 2 with open arms.

This is a site about my adventures, mostly on bikes. Let me be the idiot that gets out there and suffers, while you read about it on the couch. Trust me, it’s a lot easier that way. There will be gear reviews, trip posts, and general bike nerdery, as well as random musings on life. If there is something you would like to hear about, let me know, and enjoy.


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