Great Divide Mountain Bike Route to Silverthorne

I've been trying to come up with something to say about the last 3 weeks of riding, and I've got nothing. I was on the Great Divide for the majority of the ride, which is excellent, mostly low traffic dirt roads. Hard riding. Fun stuff. Here are some photos.

Next up is a race against the weather on the Colorado Trail.


The face of excitement, departure day.
First night out, stayed in a cabin with WiFi.
Home in the middle of nowhere.
4WD Trail. Rough stuff.
Endless roads
Out running lightning storms on both sides of the road.
Campsite. So nice.
So. Many. Antelope.
Top of a brutal climb in the middle of nothing.
Riding a Back Country byway, which is a thing?
Anyone know what these are? Tons of them outside Lima, in the reservoir.
As I approached, they started moving around quite a bit.
There they go!
Short section in Idaho.

I was sitting at a gas station somewhere in Wymoing (I think? (it all runs together at this point) ) when a girl asked if I needed somewhere inside to sleep. Uhh, yes! She said she wouldn't be there, but Uncle Jack would be there. Ok.....

I showed up, and Uncle Jack was a large, gruff man from West Virginia. I prepared myself for an uncomfortable evening, but he turned out to be an excellent guy. We talked about traveling, work, and especially music all night. One of the more unexpected, but enjoyable experiences thus far. A good reminder that people are good.

Uncle Jack. Not sure why he chose that pose, but a really great guy.
Brad. Took a few months off after 30 years of consulting to ride the Divide.
His riding partner, Bruce. Nice guys, rode with them for a few days.
Riding across the Great Basin, where water goes neither east nor west. It just sits.
More antelope!
Great Divide Basin
Road goes forever.
An eerie ride, but gorgeous.
The bike all loaded up.

And that's it!

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  1. Paula McCurdy says: Reply

    Hey BR…..your personal narrative of the Great Divide trip may have been short and sweet, this time……but the pictures that you captured on this journey continue to feed my imagination of your travels.

    I appreciate the “travel” I get to experience through your efforts… safe always and appreciate each new day.

    Paula Mc…..St. Louis, MO
    **friend of Deb

  2. Debbie says: Reply

    Hey Scott, Awesome pictures again! Glad you’re meeting some good people on your ride! Enjoy your stay in Boulder and stay safe:)

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