When Wrong Becomes Right: Elizabeth Furnace on a Single Speed

I’m the kid in corner, forcing a square peg into the round hole. Maybe it is stubbornness, a desire to do things “my way”, or just an attempt to be “different”. At any rate, I decided to take the Krampus, set up as a fully rigid (no suspension) single speed to Elizabeth Furnace.  Elizabeth Furnace is a popular 22 mile ride in the Shenandoah Mountains near DC. It has nearly 3,000′ elevation gain, including starting off with a 7-8 mile climb, and features non stop technical, rocky riding. It is a phenomenal ride, and some would argue the Krampus is the wrong tool for the job.

So what happens when you bring the “wrong” bike? A whole heullva lot of fun. I rode hard, coming in well under the average ride time of 4 hours, exhausted but grinning ear to ear. Here are a few pictures from the day. Enjoy, thanks for reading.


Surly Krampus Single Speed
The face of someone that had a bad idea, and followed through with it.
Surly Krampus Single Speed
Start of the ride. Climb on.
Elizabeth Furnace Single Speed
One gear, no squish.
Elizabeth Furnace Single Speed
Ghost riding the rocks.

Elizabeth Furnace Single Speed

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  1. Lilly Aubuchon says: Reply

    Hello Scott!
    I wish I had one third of your energy! You amaze me with all you do! Keep safe! I always enjoy reading all that you post! We are always thinking about you! Have fun ! Sending Love!

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