Canadian (Photo)Dump!

I've got lots of photos from the past few weeks, figured I would blast them out in a solid dump of photos, with maybe a few words. Enjoy!

Normal day for me, ripping skidz in the street.
Normal day for me, ripping skidz in the street.
My German friend, Jan, with the massive spoon. God, what a spoon.
The spoon in action, sort of.
The spoon in action, sort of.

This next set of photos is from Jct 37 Services, a place that promises two things:

1). A road junction, presumably including a Route 37

2). Services

It delivered in spades on the first. This was one of the better junctions I've seen. Two roads that just really get it. That play the road game the right way.

It was severely lacking in services. The cafe burned down after the chef got drunk, and the gas station attendant thought it was hilarious.

The campground.

We were likely the only ones that had stayed in the campground in ages. It was eerily quiet and rundown. The gas station attendant seemed confused when Mike and I said we would like to camp there.

Yep, dog poop on the picnic table.
The Saloon had seen better days.
Campground sign.
The motel office.
Junction 37 Services. Harumph
Just a Big Ron and his Antlered Bike
Along 37, the Cassiar Highway.
Moose swimming across a pond at dinner.
A horse Mike was convinced was a grizzly.
A hunting cabin we found one night.
And an abandoned logging camp the next day.
A waterfall in Banff NP.
See if you guess what that is on the side of the road in Jasper.
Some Elk cause a traffic jam.
And the actual traffic.
I guess Bob Loblaw's Law Blog wasn't successful.
Sunrise the last day in Banff.

And that's that. Now go wash your hands.


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  1. April says: Reply

    Two thoughts:
    1) Holy cow, Banff is pretty.
    2) I keep reading Banff as BAMF.

    1. Big Ron says: Reply

      That is the preferred pronunciation, at least in my mind.

  2. Debbie says: Reply

    Absolutely stunning pictures!

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